Hand painting our advertising for our festival ‘sounds of the suburbs’ is the only way to do it!


skumsquat asked Ahhhhh thanks for the follow your art is fuckin ✨spectacular💫 man

thank you! i love that you used the word spectacular thats a cool word thanks :)

here it is Sounds of the Suburbs! 
this is gonna be so fun.. tickets on sale now!

Sounds of the suburbs line up gets released tomorrow fuck we are so psyched for every one to see who’s playing this year!!!

its been fun helping put this years line up together with my buddies and doing all the art, its gonna get released tomorrow i rekon your gonna like it :) 

scumguzzler asked wow why are you following me?? you're entirely way too rad to be following me. love your art though, man. it's trippy as fucK

we are all equals scumguzzler.. I’m no more or less rad then you are.. thanks for the compliments on my art i like your punk blog 


Anonymous asked How come the shows end so early? Like the one on Friday

I’m guessing you are talking about space 44.. we close at 10 so we can keep doing the galleries every month and have a party.. if we go later ppl get really wild and then theres noise complaints and shit, but before 10 we can get away with having fun and not having to worry about the cops closing our nights and us getting in shit.. some one should have a house party after every space show.. that would be awesome! maybe your house??


seanceatstarbucks asked i really dig your art style!! your comics have got excellent aesthetic

thank you! :)


thisblogisanillusion asked Your gumby comic is giving me life right now.

gumby is all about life he has so much to give…. he gave some gangsters a life sentence in jail as well when he snitched on them.. I’m glad he can give you life too! your msg gave me life! thanks :)


eternally-teen asked Dude seriously ur art is outta this world I dig it a lot, keep it up 👌👌

thanks so much!!! I love these msgs your the best :) your blogs rad too I liked that basquiat hand made jumper that’s so dope I’ve never seen that before :)

im going to make a comic about how gumby became a snitch.. this is gonna be how he dies from a drive by ray gun shooting in LA
i wanna have an alien pizza party..

joannamundy asked P.S. Do one in woronora

Sick haha I’ll have look around


joannamundy asked Hell fucking yes your art is dope. Please do more around the shire

you’re awesome!! i will do some art just for you ^_^ i just got my licence back so i can drive again and i have some good spots I’ve been looking at that I’ve wanted to paint for ages!


deafhaven asked your work is so cool and unique i love it

Thank you so much :)