talamakk: I've been following u for some time now and ur stuff just keeps getting better ✨ starting a clothing line with ur art would be amazingg i'm sure many people would dig it. Keep doing what u do ✌️

thank you so much! im so happy you think my stuff is getting better, its gradually been evolving and was worried ppl might not be liking it.. your the best, thanks! 

remini-scenes: Dude your art is so radical! Do you prefer working with paints or texters? - & if you aren't already, have you ever considered selling clothes with your designs on them? Sorry if you've already answered that I only just stumbled on your work, and it's rad aas! 8^)

sickk thanks man! stoked your into it… depending on my mood sometimes i like to paint if i am feeling some energy and motivation, but most the time i just like hiding in my room scribbling in my books. i would love to do more clothes with my art on it, i would really like to make a weird collection of pants and shirts and stuff.. when i come up with something cool that im really happy with im gonna do a little run of t shirts hopefully soon..

i love your blog man its pretty gnarly, some rad punk stuff on it, i saw a sick haircut on there makes me wanna cut my hair   

July 22 2014 10:18with 2 notes
fuck1tdoglifesarisk: Your art is incredible, bro!

thanks heaps man 

July 13 2014 0:21with 2 notes
forestjunk: Your art is sick, you should check out this book by mcsweeney's called More Things Like This, its from an exhibition with really cool alternative contemporary art that most people don't understand, but its amazing. Everyone I know who has looked at it goes what the fuck, but it is honestly my favourite book. You might like it too!

awesome thanks for the book suggestion, i could only see a few pages of it on the internet but what i saw looks rad, ill have to track one down.. 

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